Getting Inspired, Going to the Zoo

One of the questions I often get asked is “where do you get your ideas or what inspires you?”. Usually my answer is “Every thing and everywhere ^_^ …”. I thought it might be a good idea to start the blog with an example.

at home ^_^...

Two weeks ago we went to the zoo in Wellington and visited the Red Pandas or Fire Foxes. I love them, since the first time I went to the zoo in Munich as a child. When I came home I sat down and started scribbling. I thought it might be really nice to start a new series, but starting somewhere familiar. In the Lilu series there is always a human child with his best animal friend.

Human plus Animal = Hybrid.

New work in progress

I googled what would be a scientific name for such a being and found something about liminal beings on Wikipedia.

“Many beings in fantasy and folklore exist in liminal states impossible in actual beings:
* Hybrids (both animal and human in form) […]
* both human and spirit by blood […]
* both human and vegetable […]
* both alive and dead […]
* both human and machine […]
* both human and alien […]” (wikipedia: Liminal being)

New work in progress

Tada! new theme is born :-)… the rest is really just sitting down and sketching…

Red Panda No. 2