Thorndon Fair, December 6 2008

I had a very nice day at the Thorndon Fair on Sunday! Many thanks for all of you who came by! Lucky for the stall holders – and visitors – the rain just started when we packed up.

Thorndon Fair, Wellington Dec 6

Challenged by only one meter stall length, I decided to display my goodies vertically, using a table easel, a picture frame, a chalk board and a mdf board – all pre-used or from the second hand shop ^_^ . My prints are secured to the boards with black rubber bands so that the wind can’t blow them away! The rubber bands are very nice to display the stuffed prints, wooden boards and price tags as well, so I might use this set up for other stalls as well. Everything was secured to the table with strings and was withstanding the typical Wellingtonian wind gusts.

The only set back is that I had to stand around in front or on the side of the stall – or hide behind it – which was a bit odd…