Reusing, Recycling, Avoiding Waste

When I started minu, one of my aims was to be sustainable – in a economical and ecological sense. I always look at ways to improve the manufacture of my little toys. Since the wool stuffing did not turn out to be feasible, I turned to the common polyester stuffing. It is washable, keeps ‘in shape’, and is easy the get and use. However it is still quite expensive and not easy to recycle.

Reusing Fabric Scraps for Filling

Using your Leftovers

While cutting out parts for soft toys, a big heap of fabric scraps is left over. So rather than throwing these away (and adding to the mountains of waste), I cut the leftovers into really small pieces using a rotary cutter. These small pieces are mixed with the Polyfill and tada… Less new material, waste is recycled, money is saved!

The mixture has other advantages as well. The filling is stiffer, stays in better shape. A little weight is added as well so that the Bouses are even more cuddly and durable.