Bear No.2 preview – He is back!

After I picked up the new workbenches on Wednesday I thought: No more excuses. There are tables, lights and stools, that is enough to get started. I unpacked the fabric, patterns and finally found the cable for the sewing machine in box number 12 1/2 (*sigh).

And why not do something you promised since over 12 month: The new bear!


He is based on the same pattern, but the change from a medium dense 9 mm pile to a light 6 mm pile is more significant than I thought it would be. And I really like it. He is much skinnier, and his contours are much more defined.


The new fabric is also almost more beige than brown, so I adjusted his eyes to green, and his new finer features and dark grey stitching around the face and paws fit the skinnier look.



But other than that he’s not changed at all. He is still the perfect companion: cuddly and cute, has a sympathetic ear, is generous with hugs and I also pointed out that he could – if he felt like it – share his honey.

(He is still considering his options around that.)


But for now he says Hi.

And is going to be ready for adventures soon…

… really soon…

… I promise …