More (slow) progress with renovations

More super slow progress in the new studio – my first open shelf unit starts to look … okayish (if I am allowed to say so myself ^_^). I am striving for the perfect balance between creative chaos and easy access to things. I am also not allowed to spend any money unless I ‘absolutely’ have to ; )_, so the only things I bought are the shelf rail system ($150NZ) and the castors for my old trunk ($15NZ).

I have a slight obsession with plastic boxes (and bags)… took me ages to find the right boxes with just the right translucency… luckily I already had these in the old studio, so they just got cleaned-up and resorted.

minu studio renovations

Most of the wooden and cart-board boxes are second hand collected over the last 7 years, others I brought from Europe or bought in stationary shops in Wellington…

minu studio renovations

A couple of friends moved in right away (they are still slightly piqued about the fact that I kept them in storage boxes for the last 6 month… )

minu studio renovations

The shelves are refurbished from bits and pieces in the house, I only gave them to very quick sand …

and one thing at least is done