My new studio-to-be (aka why it is a bit quiet on my blog)

I finally found a house for my studio (and a garden for me).*) There is lots to do and it will take a while to take shape, but here is a first progress report in pictures…


Layers of old wall paper going back to the 1930ties, some hand cut and hand stencilled


Getting rid of the (horrible) structured hardboard, stripping everything back to the original hardboard sarking.


Getting the insulation inside the wall


New plaster boards

More images on Flickr

More soonish…



start footnote rant**…

*) After 12 month of driving around Wellington to visit open homes, endless hours online, wasting an incredible amount of money and time in tenders procedures (including the accessional shouting at real estate agents) and other unpleasantness in the idiosyncratic New Zealand house buying process…

… *sigh

… end footnote rant

footnote of footnote

**) I am incredible happy with my little house, so I only rant in footnotes…

… ^_^