Week 16 – ah, well ….

Week 16 – More of the garden beds are completed, the second apple tree is planted as are the guava and blue berry bushes and the few rhubarb plants that survived the resettlement process – who would have thought rhubarb is so fickle? Other than that … I have to admit my sprint plan looks quite red #blush.

My only consolation is that the builder that is supposed to built the retaining wall and fence seems to be in hiding … I don’t think anything is going to happen there this side of the holidays.

I am now tracking the process on the book in greater detail and I only managed to edit 3732 words 40% of the weekly target … #ouch.

New skill learnt last week: installing weathered steel edging around garden beds and carving a reed or bamboo pen.

Sketchbook experiments 2020
Sketchbook experiments 2020

So far, my experience with the courses on domestika.org is positive, and I have subscribed to another Adolfo Serra class. My sketchbook experiments are progressing and I re-discovered that I hate don’t like watercolour pens – the only exception might be the black one – but love ink and dips or fountain pens. I am not 100% sold on the water brushes I bought, but they are a much cheaper and – in my opinion – a better alternative to the watercolour pens. To my surprise, I am not opposed to the use of oil pastels.

Sketchbook experiments 2020
Sketchbook experiments 2020

This week, I am planing to move on to mono prints, stencils, and paper cut-outs.  If this week is more productive than week 16 … ah well …  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess.




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