Week 25 – I’ll do better next week (ouch)

Week 25 – Ah well … the renovations did get way too much attention last week (again … grrr … totally my own fault). The writing and my artwork took second place, and things slipped behind schedule … so,  let’s say I’ll do better next week. 

Harvest from the garden
Harvest from the garden
Papermache creatures in the making
Papermache creatures in the making

Progress log

Art(work): More progress on more paper mache work, but a bit behind schedule

Promotion and social media: A well …  let’s say I’ll do better next week.

Editing and rewrites: 2857 words – approx. 570 words per day … oops … again, I’ll do better next week.

Renovation: Exterior paint – The trim and the eaves got two coats of white paint.

Garden: moved 1,5 cubic meter of crushed lime from the street to the section (not an easy feat in Wellington), started compacting the lime around the boardwalk and the beds, started paving the mini seating patio next to the deck.

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