The Viech Models for DaWanda

The Viech models for the new DaWanda online campaign!

… and we all know how shy he usually is …


Thanks guys!

The Bear Featured on

Ohdeedo, “the site for people who care about good design, but happen to have children.” asked  “Where are the Teddy Bears?” and if they are not cool enough for the modern nursery anymore. Well… they answered their question the same day in their ‘Cool Teddy Bear Roundup’ and decided… the minu Bear actually is cool enough!

Now, he personally likes to hear that but he is not sure if there is some honey in it for him ^_^.

Thanks guys!

Teti Moony 8 1/2

A little girl lost her Teti Moony! She was very sad, so I made her a twin.

If you see the lost Teti Moony take him home and send me an email ^_^. He was last seen in Lower Hutt.

Mail Me Art Book Out Now ^_^!

Opps… that was quite an long time without posts! I will catch up on a couple of things that happened since October in the next days!

First the Mail Me Art book is out since October. My one arrived in late october and I love it! It’s a great collection of Illustrators and artist from all over the world. Darren Di Lieto’s collaborative project is very well managed and was a great experience. I am thrilled that I got a page in the book as well as selling my little artwork at the exhibition.

Many thanks again Darren!

Next to come: the adventures of a little Bear! Stay tuned ^_^…

minu workshop “Drypoint on Perspex” @ Inverlochy Art School

‘How is that done?’ I do get this question quite a lot ^_^…

I think it might be time for my first weekend printmaking workshop ‘Drypoint on Perspex’! The workshop will take place at Inverlochy Art School here in Wellington.

I have a couple of ideas what might be interesting for you, but I am keen to hear your ideas as well. We will have space for 6 to 8 people. If you are interested please fill in this little questionnaire.

Everything is totally non-committal for now. I will send further information to everyone at the start of November.

There is a quick introduction to ‘Drypoint on Perspex’ on the minu website (

Come on get your fingers dirty ^_^…

Meet minu at the Spring Craft 2.0

Join minu and the best in Wellington’s craft scene as we pop into spring with Craft2.0 on October 30, 2010. Craft 2.0 is Wellington’s hottest and most fun fair devoted to all things arty and crafty.
Come to at TheNewDowse, 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt this Saturday from 11:00am until 3:00pm.

I hope to see you there!

Event: Craft2.0
Where: TheNewDowse, 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt
When: October 30, 2010 11:00am until 3:00pm
Admission: free

… or see the Facebook Event ^_^…

In Your Dreams… – October 2010 at Deluxe Cafe

New works on paper by minu

In Your Dreams… new works on paper by minu

You are warmly invited to ‘In Your Dreams’ by minu from October 4th to 17th at the Deluxe Cafe, 10 Kent Terrace, Wellington. Meet minu at the opening on October 4th 5:30 to 7:00.

Event: ‘In your Dreams’ new works on paper by minu
Where: Deluxe Cafe, 10 Kent Terrace, Wellington
When: October 4th to 17th
Admission: free (very nice food and coffee on sale at Deluxe)

View all prints now online… ^_^.

… and the brand new ‘In Your Dream…’ prints are now available on for US $60.00 – 20% under the retail price! Special online offer from October 4th to 17th!

Minu Open Studio, Saturday August 28th

This weekend is the last chance to see the ‘Head On’ exhibition at Toi Poneke and in addition you can have a peak into the artists’ studios at the Open Studio Day on Saturday, August 28th. While you are here drop by and see me at Studio 18, north-west corner, 2nd floor! There will be prints and soft toys for sale!

Event: Minu Open Studio as part of the Toi Poneke Open Studio Day
Where: Studio 18 (north-west corner, 2nd floor) Toi Poneke, 61 Abel Smith St, Wellington, New Zealand
When: Saturday August 28th, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Bringer of Dreams

Bringer of Dreams

… and to meet the ‘Bringer of Dreams’, my little minu installation ^_^…

Hope to see you on Saturday!

Head On Show – Work in Progress, Part 2

Monday was Set-up day… some of us did not get much sleep in the days before the show ^_^ …

That was the first time I actually saw the bear standing up… The foot claws and the leaves were still in the making.

The bear is growing up …

The little shadow box in the making…

Head On Show – Work in Progress, Part 1

This is work for the Head on group show. I am a bit frantic because I am seriously running out of time, but in between panic attacks it is actually fun. For this show I pick up the ‘awoke’ series. This is ‘The Bringer of Dreams’. I am working on one of the little boxes I did for the NZ Art Show and a 2.2m installation.

Awoke Box No.1 in progress

Awoke: The Bringer of Dreams, Box, Work in Progress

Awoke Box No.1 in progress

Awoke: The Bringer of Dreams, Box, Work in Progress

Awoke Installation No.1 in progress

Awoke: The Bringer of Dreams, Installation, Work in Progress

Keep the fingers crossed for me that this is actually going to work out all right!

‘Head On’ Toi Poneke Gallery, August 18 to 29, 2010

Meet minu at the Head On Opening. The exhibition will showcase current work from artists (including me ^_^…) who have studio spaces at the Toi Poneke Arts Centre. This exhibition will give visitors to the gallery a unique and personal insight into the creative incubator that is Toi Poneke.

The 17 artists involved in the show cover a diverse range of practises; from painting to photography, installation, film and contemporary jewellery.

You are welcome to come to the opening on the 17th of August at 5.30 pm. Share a glass of wine or juice and meet the artists.

We are also having an Open Studios to celebrate the end of the exhibition, on Saturday the 28th of August.

Event: Head On – the Exhibition
Where: Toi Poneke Gallery, 61 Abel Smith St, Wellington, New Zealand
When: August 18th to 29th, Mon to Fri 9am to 7:30pm, Sat – Sun 10am to 4pm
Opening: August 17th, 5:30pm to 19:30pm

…› ‘Head on’ event on Facebook

If you like a peak you can follow my (art)work in progress on the minu blog!

New Zealand Art Show 2010 – Work in Progress, Part 4

Tomorrow is set-up for the show. Puh! I did not manage to get everything done, but I at least wanted to get one of the boxes ready for the show ^_^…

Shadow Box, Detail – Work in Progress

Shadow Box – Work in Progress

Fragile Shadows – New Zealand Art Show 2010

Fragile Shadows by minu

You are warmly invited to ‘Fragile Shadows’ by minu at the New Zealand Art Show 2010. Please come and meet minu from Friday July 30th to Sunday August 1st at the TSB Bank Arena.

‘Fragile Shadows’ takes the viewer into an imaginary world where creatures meet in the shadows of long lost memories, remembering friendship and loss. The artwork includes new work on paper, wood and canvas as well as mixed media.

Event: ‘Fragile Shadows’ by minu at the New Zealand Art Show 2010
Where: TSB Bank Arena, Queens Wharf, Jervois Quay, Wellington
When: Friday 30 July – Sunday 1 August 2010, 10:00am – 5:00pm
Admission: $10 Adults (Children under 14 are free)

For more info about the New Zealand Art Show 2010 please see

If you would like to have a peak please see the minu blog or the minu Flickr photo stream ^_^… if you are on Facebook please RSVP.

New Zealand Art Show 2010 – Work in Progress, Part 3

I am slowly getting there … ^_^… this is one of the Acrylic Painting in progress.

Work in Progress, Acrylic Painting, ‘Fragile Shadow’ Preview

Work in Progress, Acrylic Painting, ‘Fragile Shadow’ Preview

Failure and Achievement*)


I failed… actually I failed quite a lot in the last months. I tried a thousand things and only a couple turned out the ‘right way’.


I achieved something … between all the failure some things turned so well that I think: ‘I made this? Erm… can’t be somebody else must have made that one!’


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED talk ‘On Nurturing Creativity’.

I am blessed – and cursed – with a ‘creative genius’ in form of a capricious, evil spirited night demon with a plural personality in form of a self-deceiving, day-time will-o’-the-wisp. I do not complain, they fit.


My artwork is a response to an inner calling in a very literal sense, all these creatures live in my head and call to be put on paper. They want their stories told. If I fail, I fail them. They come back and complain: ‘Nope that is not me. I do not look like this. I do not feel like this. Nope, THIS IS NOT SAYING ANYTHING!’ Believe me, they know how to speak in capital letters.

Thank you

Why do I write this post? I am not sure, I have things to do and make, but I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to my little demon for the ‘Badger’ print. He is very happy with his portrait and there is one call less in my head.

Thank you.

*) I never needed a footnote on a header before ^_^… I was thinking about naming this article ‘Failure and Success’, but in today’s western society you can’t talk about ‘failure’ or ‘success’. Like failure is non-existent or just happens to other people. I will use the word failure. I like the sound.

The word ‘success’ on the other hand is so bound to monetary success, that I refuse to use it. The thesaurus offered achievement (noun): something completed successfully, a goal reached. Sounds about right.

New Zealand Art Show 2010 – Work in Progress

Note a couple of weeks later: These totally did not work the way I imagined them. They look totally wrong to me. I will work on the idea, but these will go in the bin ^_^.  See my little note on ‘Failure and Achievement ‘.

Stitch. Stitch.. Stitch… Stitch….

NZArtShow - Work in Progress

I am busy and a bit frantic to get my artwork ready for the show.

NZArtShow - Work in Progress

Work in Progress – mixed media artwork – Drypoint etching and stitching.

NZArtShow - Work in Progress

Work in Progress – mixed media artwork – Drypoint etching and stitching.

Stitch. Stitch.. Stitch… Stitch….

I think you get the picture ^_^…

Craft 2.0, June 12th: Thank You – Again!

Minu Stall at Craft 2.0, June 2010

And again a big thank you to all the lovely people who came to visit me at my stall on Saturday. You totally made my day. I was alone at my stall this time and even though the fair was packed, it never got frantic or hectic. So thank you for all your patience, all your praise, for supporting minu and making this a really special day… and I even won a prize for my stall ^_^!

Special thanks to:

  • awesome Alix for helping me out the night before the fair (again)
  • for Sue’s helper who got me a lifesaving coffee
  • to my nice stall neighbours
  • and to Sue Taylor, her team, and the TheNewDowse for making craft 2.0 better and better.
    It will be hard to top this one guys.

More images of the fair thanks to David Brebner sharing his set on flickr and thanks to Peta Mazey on her blog.

I almost had a nervous breakdown on Friday night while trying to get my stuff ready (and was saved by Alix). I coursed and swore never to do any craft fair ever again. And I came home on Saturday really, really tired but absolutely energised by all your lovely comments and feedback and can’t wait for the next one.

What would I do without all you lovely people?

So – again – many thanks for all your support.

The Visitor’s Friend

First proof - Detail
The Visitor’s Friend (working title) – first proof

She accompanied me to the print studio today. She said she wanted a portrait with her best friend. I said: ‘Fine, where is he?’ She said: ‘Why, he is standing behind me!’…

A Visitor at Midnight

I am a bit stuck with my artwork of the NZ Art Show – only 7 weeks to go – and to be honest I start to panic… which in the end is part of my creative process. My work tents to dry once they are hanging on the wall ^_^…

The work usually evolves along a undefined story line, almost like a conceptual narration… that part always comes easy to me. Its not the ‘what do you want to tell’ its the how, which media, on what materials, stroke, lines, fill, background, textures…

Luckily this little girl popped up in my sketchbook at midnight to point me in a possible direction ^_^…

Witching Hour Visitor

Somehow I think she will be around to help me out!


By the way ‘Besuch zur Geisterstude’ sounds so much nicer. I definitely need a better translation!