Awoke paper cuts at cafe32 Wellington, April 12 to 16, 2010

The moon rose over the sea – paper cut framed

Cafe32, 32 The Terrace, Wellington hosts another minu mini exhibition from April 12 to 16, 2010. 2 brand new paper cuts from the awoke series are on display and available for $280 NZ.

What would I do without the local support here in Wellington?! Many thanks again to Marg and Own the lovely owners of cafe32. We are planing to do this regularly every 6 to 8 weeks. This is a awesome occasion for me to present new work and a challenge to get things done.

The artwork is drawn by hand in ink and water colour, scanned and digitally processed. The scene is printed in layers using a Giclée fine art printer and digital water colour paper. The different layers are cut and assembled in a ‘frame-box’.
Giclée is a high quality ink-jet print using a special print head and 9 pigment based inks. It is often used in galleries and print shops. The prints have brilliant, lightfast colours and the paper is archival.

‘Sleeping under the trees’ – paper cut framed

‘Bear’ First Prototype

'the bear' first prototype.

This was on my list for ages! On Monday I finally made the first prototype of the third character of the ‘der Hase, das Viech und der Bär’ …I know, all of this still needs translation ^_^, I am working on it!

Der Hase, das Viech und der Bär.

Minu Studio at the Toi Pōneke Arts Centre in Wellington

minu workshop - Toi Pōneke Arts Centre

I can’t believe that it is already one week since I moved into my studio at Toi Pōneke. I am still setting up. Everything is a bit chaotic, but I love it. I still need to built a nice display for my things, but I am getting there ^_^. I am a creative night owl, so I especially like the view at night.

minu workshop - Toi Pōneke Arts Centre

Pick up and direct sales will be available shortly. I am thinking about having one fixed afternoon every week for people to just come over and buy something, otherwise times could be arranged.

Studio 18 – Toi Pōneke
61-69 Abel Smith St
Wellington, Wellington 6011
New Zealand

mobile 021 027 25 170 (land line and voicemail will be available soon)

New Print Series and Small Exhibition ‘Afternoon Tea’

My Jumper

The lovely people at cafe32, 32 The Terrace, Wellington host another minu mini exhibition from March 1 to March 5.

The exhibition displays the first four print of the ‘Afternoon Tea’ series inspired by all the strange and wonderful tea parties in my favorite stories. This is the beginning of the little story introducing the characters.

Afternoon Tea

One late Sunday afternoon, I am drawing at my desk when, suddenly, a large wooden door appears on the paper.

‘Knock, knock!’ I hear and, not knowing how to open the door, I reply ‘Come in!’

The door creaks open and in comes the Sunbear saying, somewhat presumptuously, ‘Tea and honey would be fine!’

Knowing bears,  I prepare a rather big pot of honey and mug full of hot tea.

‘Thank you! How do you like my sweater?’ asked the Sunbear, helping himself to the honey. But there is no time to admire his attire.

‘Knock, knock!’

Another knock on the door. I wonder ‘Who will it be?’

… to be continued

Many thanks again to my wonderful friend Alix for turning my words into nice prose and many thanks to Marg & Own for supporting artist in their awesome little café.

My Jumper

The prints are drypoint prints on 300g etching paper (Hahnemühle), a limited edition of 12 variations, numbered and signed. Drypoint is a intaglio printmaking technique. An image is incised into a plate with a hard-pointed “needle” of sharp metal or diamond point. Traditionally, the plate was copper or zinc, but today, a clear acrylic sheet is commonly used.

For more information on drypoint prints using perspex plate see ‘How To: Drypoint on Perspex (Plexi-glass).

More images are – as always ^_^ – at Flickr.


Nightshift with Water Colours

Nightshift with Water Colours

I finally managed to get back to some more work on the ‘awoke’ series. I plan a series of water colour paintings. For now I work on getting the colour pallet right (trying out tea and coffee ^_^) and experiment with the ink outlines… It is very different from the acrylics on wood.

Rather than using traditional water colour paper I use 100% rag heavy weight German etching paper. I like the smooth surface and the sheer thickness. I still have this heavyweight acid free recycling paper (like brown paper), I need to test the lightfastness though… and I consider getting some veneer…

Nightshift with Water Colours

I like the techniques, very intuitive, fast and without any hassle. All you need is paper and a small set of colours. There is not much room for mistakes though.

The sketch on the right is actually from January 2009. Its a bit frightening, how few things I actually managed to get done last year…

New Stockists in Wellington!

I am very happy to announce 2 new stockists in Wellington.

Selected items by minu are now available at Magnolia, 113 Tory Street, Te Aro, Wellington and at both Wanda Harland shops at 24 Elizabeth Street, Mount Victoria and 148 Jackson Streeet, Petone!

And to make good things even better almost the whole minu range is available again at Juniper, 114 Riddiford Street, in Newtown!

Happy shopping!

Minu Proudly Introduces ‘Viech’.

Viech {n} [ugs.] creature… so much for the dictionary.

Almost 3.5 years after the first prototype Viech actually went into production and is now for sale.

Viech is very cuddly and cute, but be aware! Viecher (pl) are not aware of their own strength, have no idea about the sharpness of their claws, are clumsy, do horrendously stupid things and afterward look at you with their black innocent eyes and start ‘but I just ….’

These handmade cuties are about 26 cm tall with another 10 cm of ear length. The fabric is a very special, fluffy and cuddly straight pile cotton, the stuffing 100% Polyfill. The little face is wool felt with machine stitched eyes.

Summer Craft2.0, Saturday March 6, 2010!

This years March craft 2.0 is part of the 2010 Fringe Festival and … you will find minu there as well!

“Get your shopping shoes ready and come along for a stress-free day of local craft and fun activities.Craft2.0 is a family-friendly craft fair, bringing more than 70 independent artists and crafters in one spot to show off and sell their luscious local wares. From babywear to jewellery, screen prints, Tshirts, toys, cupcakes, badges and bags, we’ve got your shopping covered.

Everything is 100% New Zealand-made, and most items are one-off or limited edition creations.

Feel good about spending money on unique, environmentally-friendly creations instead of buying mass-produced imported goods”

When: Saturday March 6th from 11:00am untill 3:00pm
Where: TheNewDowse, 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt
Admission: Free!

Reusing, Recycling, Avoiding Waste

When I started minu, one of my aims was to be sustainable – in a economical and ecological sense. I always look at ways to improve the manufacture of my little toys. Since the wool stuffing did not turn out to be feasible, I turned to the common polyester stuffing. It is washable, keeps ‘in shape’, and is easy the get and use. However it is still quite expensive and not easy to recycle.

Reusing Fabric Scraps for Filling

Using your Leftovers

While cutting out parts for soft toys, a big heap of fabric scraps is left over. So rather than throwing these away (and adding to the mountains of waste), I cut the leftovers into really small pieces using a rotary cutter. These small pieces are mixed with the Polyfill and tada… Less new material, waste is recycled, money is saved!

The mixture has other advantages as well. The filling is stiffer, stays in better shape. A little weight is added as well so that the Bouses are even more cuddly and durable.

Mechanical Wind Up Bird

Found on youtube today:

I love this beautifully made mechanical wind up bird. It is German-made from the 1950s! It turns its head, flaps its wings, and moves it tail up and down.

MailMeArt Submission 2010

Yesterday night I finally started my MailMeArt submission. I still have to cut it to size, varnish, add stamps and air mail sticker and then it is ready to be sent to the UK.

Remember, The deadline for sending mail art 31st January 2010 (service date stamp – postmark).

Mail Me Art 2010

Miette is taking a nap to prepare herself for the long journey around the world. She is dreaming of being save with Father Bear. She feels protected warm and cosy.

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New Minu Moo Minicards

My new minu Moo Minicards arrived today! I love the new boxes.

New Moo Minicards

For those of you not familiar with moo: Moo Minicards are a excellent alternative to standard business cards. The whole transaction is done online via and The cards come in 100 cards per pack and you can choose as many images for the front as you like, as well as adding text and logo to the back.

For us crafter in New Zealand: Use the, even though the prices are in British Pounds, the shipping costs from the US ( are ridiculous. Sign up for the moo newsletter, they sent out free shipping vouchers on a regular basis!

New Moo Minicards

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry christmas to you all. Inspired by the latest issue of World Sweet Word this is my list of  things to do this xmas ‘sustainable’ and at (almost) no cost…

  • video skype with family in Germany
  • catching up with the big pile of unanswered email from friends and family
  • seeing friends for xmas dinner
  • having a nice walk on the beach
  • giving the garden a bit of love
  • reading a book (The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michale Chabon)
  • actually finding the time to listen what others have to say
  • listening to music (e.g. free WSW Summer mixed tape)
  • pondering xmases of the past, present and future
  • decelerating…

Enjoy the Summer break!

Thorndon Fair, December 6 2008

I had a very nice day at the Thorndon Fair on Sunday! Many thanks for all of you who came by! Lucky for the stall holders – and visitors – the rain just started when we packed up.

Thorndon Fair, Wellington Dec 6

Challenged by only one meter stall length, I decided to display my goodies vertically, using a table easel, a picture frame, a chalk board and a mdf board – all pre-used or from the second hand shop ^_^ . My prints are secured to the boards with black rubber bands so that the wind can’t blow them away! The rubber bands are very nice to display the stuffed prints, wooden boards and price tags as well, so I might use this set up for other stalls as well. Everything was secured to the table with strings and was withstanding the typical Wellingtonian wind gusts.

The only set back is that I had to stand around in front or on the side of the stall – or hide behind it – which was a bit odd…

How To: Drypoint on Perspex (Plexi-glass)

There a million different approaches to drypoint printmaking. This post describes one approach. There are different schools and different characters. Rumour has it that you can’t print with water based colours and a book press. Actually I can ^_^…

This post was first published on The Lighthouse Kepper’s Cat (my general musings) on January 15th, 2009.

Background: Relief and intaglio printmaking

Traditional printmaking techniques like drypoint or etching enables an artist or print maker to print a certain amount of prints (edition) from a handmade plate. The plates are inked and the ink is transfered from either the surface (relief printmaking e.g. woodcut or linocut) or the incised lines (intaglio printmaking e.g. etching or drypoint) onto paper using a printing press.

In drypoint printmaking an image is incised into a plate with a hard-pointed “needle”. Traditionally the plate was copper, but today plexi-glass is commonly used.

#8 Ink Setup

Advantages of using Perspex or Plexiglas

  • The Material is cheaper than copper or zinc plates.
  • The plates are easily cut into the right size.
  • You can see your sketch through the plate.
  • You can see the inked areas through the plate.

Three Steps

Intaglio printmaking processes follows three steps.

  • #1 ‘Transferring’ the artwork onto the plate
  • #2 Inking and wiping
  • #3 Printing the artwork onto paper

Materials needed

For step#1 Transferring…

  • Your Sketch 🙂
  • 2mm clear Perspex or Plexiglas
  • Ruler and cutting knife
  • Sandpaper or a file
  • Marker (fine line)
  • Etching needle

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Woven Tales Exhibition Now Open

After five very exciting – and frantic weeks – we finally made it!
Woven Tales of Ink, Silver and Silk is now open to the public.

Woven Tales, minu wall 01

I will be at the Thistle Hall Gallery today Wednesday November 19 from 10:00am to 2:30pm and on Sunday Novemeber 22 from 10:00am to 7:00pm. Come over and say Hello!

More images are on Flickr. 

Special December Xmas Craft 2.0


Minu will be part of the Special Xmas Craft 2.0.
Forget the ho-hum of Christmas shopping and spend an evening at a craft show like no other.
Put a little holiday cheer in your life as you browse through the best handmade gifts and indie wares,
from handbags and clothing to jewelery and essential holiday accessories to home decor and cards.
Part of Late Lounge featuring Spartacus R.

When: Thursday December 3rd from 6pm until 9pm
Where: TheNewDowse, 45 Laings Road, Lower Hutt
Admission: Free!

Woven Tales of Ink, Silver and Silk


Minu joins 3 other Wellington artist for a group exhibition at Thistle Hall Gallery, Wellington, Upper Cuba, 17 – 22 November 2009!

You are warmly invited to attend the opening on Tuesday 17th November 5:30 pm

Drinks and nibbles provided.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday
10.00 am – 7:00 pm

Venture into a tale of fantasy;
Where mysteries unfold,
Illusions take hold,
Explore hidden meanings, trapped beauty,
In the depths of Escape…

Otherworldly illustration, illusionary photography, fairytale fashion and whimsical jewellery meet in a dynamic exhibition. Escapism, fantasy and an inclination towards teleportation coexist in Woven tales of Ink, Silver and Silk – an exciting showcase of new work by four Wellington-based artists: Minu, Mairi, Sarah Dalley, Sophie Lewis-Smith.

Bous, Plush in 4 Colours


The first plush from the awoke series is available online in 4 colours.
Bous is waiting for you to come with him to the Night Forest were you will meet strange creatures.

Bous are handmade from Polar fleece, the machine stitched faces are 100% wool felt, and the inside of the ears is a fluffy cotton.

Bouse are made in small series using different colours and are numbered.

Height: around 25.5 cm (10 inch)
Fabric: Polar fleece, wool felt, cotton
Filling: Polyfill

* shipping to Australia and New Zealand
** shipping world wide

Spring Craft2.0, Saturday October 24, 2009!


Craft2.0 is Wellington’s hottest and most fun fair devoted to all things arty and crafty. Minu joins the best in Wellington’s craft scene Saturday October 24, 2009, from 10:00am until 3:00pm, at TheNewDowse, 45 Laings, Road Lower Hutt.
Admission is free, doors open at 10:00am!

Do not forget to sign up for the e-newsletter, to receive you 20% voucher.

Hope to see you there!