Week 18 – Resilience

Week 18 – Resilience is one of my favourite English words. I remember using it as a mantra when I first arrived in New Zealand and found seemingly insurmountable obstacles around every corner. 

resilience | rɪˈzɪlɪəns | 
noun [mass noun]
1 – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness
2 – the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity

For me, resilience doesn’t mean to toughen up and move on whatever life throws at you, but to take the road less travelled while keeping your authenticity and integrity – a sense a staying true to oneself. 

Now, based on the Science of Storytelling by Will Storr, we are all biased, tribal barbarians unable, or at least struggling, to change. I would not dismiss his notion any day and thoroughly enjoyed the book, a must-read for writers of any genre; however, the arguments in the book around how our brains resist to review long-held believes and support the tendency to retreat into a narrow group of like-minded people, is a timely reminder that there is a long-known and fatal flaw in how social media enable and emphasises our pre-programmed behavioural deficits. Combined with Chuck Wendig’s Wanderers, my reading / listening week was equally filled with doom and gloom and food for the mind and made me want to shut-up and write.

Not that much writing happened. 

The list of excuses is very long. There are good excuses and bad excuses, but all excuses are in vain, and resilience is required given a now completely red sprint board … #ouch.

Directions, painting by minu

The good: I am super happy with my two custom order soft sculptures (photos to come soon), and I keep my fingers crossed that the customer is satisfied with her purchases. More paper mache creatures are sold and shipped, and on days I don’t need to worry about money or waste my time by being upset and helpless in lieu of insurmountable stupidity, I feel incredibly fortunate and privileged in the here and now.

Directions, painting by minu

Skills learnt this week: Not so much a skill but what you might call experiences as in the sense of stuff you never wanted to know, and, in particular, how your local council can decide that something infringes on your rights but has no adverse effect on you without so much as due diligence – who needs a survey plan when you can use google maps, eh? Neither do they feel the need to consult or notifying you about their decision … so beware when a digger arrives out of the blue on your neighbour’s property … #sigh.

The Badger, painting by minu

So … breath in … calm, beautiful thoughts … release … breath in … resilience oooohhhhhmmmm resilience … release … repeat.