Week 35 – Steady now.

Week 35 suffered, of all things, under public holidays. Teetering between taking the long Easter weekend off or not resulted in a mishmash between a not-break and a feeling of not having done enough … .

So, my endeavours are crawling forwards and slipping sideways and need last weeks well-structured chaos. 

On that note, I added one list item to my new routine:

  • Leaving tasks in a state to be easily continued the next time you can work on it.

This has maybe the most impact on my writing and editing progress. I am working through the second draft front to back, checking for consistency and coherence, flow and style, as well as grammar and word choice. I aim to have a third draft that can be given to first readers and is not too embarrassing to be put in front of a native English speaking editor.  

This might sound easy, but it is hard work. Really hard work. The last third of the second draft was never fully developed and requires writing missing scenes as well as rewriting existing scenes because … of many reasons that can be summed up as not-good-enough (and not-even-barely-good-enough).

So dropping the pencil – or keys – midway through a scene or checklist means I have to start from the beginning of the scene or checklist again the next day. 

Lesson learnt, but it is a hard habit to break, especially if it involves telling others that this needs doing now whatever our plans were … . 

From the archives - Lilu #13 Two Ravens
From the minu archives – Lilu #13 Two Ravens

Nothing new to show on my artwork front for this week. Progress has been made, but it’s too early to share. So naturally, my social media activity was underwhelming. A campaign calendar would help … . I always try to make my clients put in the effort – but it is another thing to juggle, and it can affect your authenticity and voice when you campaign on your own behalf in a one-person outfit. 

Progress log

Art(work): Sketching and R&D

Promotion and social media: Ah well … I can’t win every game. 

Editing and rewrites: 3998 words – approx. 1000 words per day … not counting the long weekend, so just within my 1000 words a day / 5 days a week target. 

Renovations: Progress on wardrobe: The inside and the wall beside it are primed and painted except the skirting and architraves. The basics for the shelving system is installed. 

Garden: Finished my ladder shelf for pots and plants, removed about 20 square meters more turf and levelled more ground.