To resilience, my favourite word in my adoptive language, and to you, brave reader—sorry for the spelling.

Minu Freitag

Next to my artwork, paper mache, and printmaking adventures, I write what broadly could be seen as Young Adult Fantasy. I completed my first manuscript in 2021 and plan to independently publish* the novel as an eBook on July 28th, 2022. I am currently working on the cover and illustrationsand other bits on bobs in the publication processyou can follow the ups and downs at @freitagbooks on Instagram.


*sounds so much better than self-publishing, don’t you think?

But … what’s the book about? Good question …

The Spheres

The Spheres is a planned series of Young Adult Fantasy novels, novellas, short fiction and illustrations. You might like it if you like fantasy, science fiction, or speculative YA fiction but want something less dragons, werewolves* and vampires—and an overdose of drooling romance**. It should go well with fans of Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, Lauren Beukes’s Zoo City, or China Miéville’s City and the City … but I don’t claim it is anywhere as good as these masterpieces.


*well, there is a wolf in it but that one is not what you think.
**well … there is also a boy and a girl in it … but no drooling … or not too much, I guess …

The Fragments, The Spheres Book 1

The first book in the series is called ‘The Fragments’ and set in the admittedly impossible world of the same name.

The About blurb

In a shattered world a group of human exiles form a fragile alliance with machine-based life forms and ancient shadow creatures to retrieve an arcane artefact that could, in the wrong hands, threaten the existence of the worlds of the Spheres.  

I don’t want give away too much and leave it to you to decide if you like it, so you can find a few sample chapters online.

Free chapters

__ Prologue 1 · A Warning (released February 28, 2022)
__ Prologue 2 · The Fall (released March 28, 2022)
__ Part One, Chapter 1 · Lost (released April 28, 2022)
__Part One, Chapter 2 · Outside (will be released May 28, 2022)
__Part One, Chapter 3 · The Tear (will be released June 28, 2022)

Minu Freitag on Goodreads

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